Dr. Andre Gasiorowski M.D., E.N.T.


Nationality: Polish, Israeli

Residency: Golf Resort, Caesarea 38900, Israel

Education: Graduated at Medical Academy in Wroclaw (Poland)



Andre Gasiorowski - Activities:

medicine: medical doctor (1994-1991)

showbusiness: since 1989 the executive producer of international televised music mega-productions

business: since 1990 involved on the executive and macro-management level (Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Executive President and Director of financial institutions, Project Manager, Financial Consultant) in a various business activities in Middle & Western Europe, Middle East, North America, and Far East. His experience is in financial and operating management includes all phases of investment and regulatory management including investment capital, and sale and merger of financial institutions, business development, marketing advisor, project manager.


Major business groups involvement:


Network Intelligence

  • Position: President & C.E.O (1991 Present)

  • Investment Management industry

  • Activity:
    . macro-scale regional project management
    . business development
    . financial and operating supervision
    . investment and regulatory supervision
    . investment capital management
    . sale and merger of financial institutions

  • Projects:
    . capital market
    . investments
    . macro-economy
    . security & defense
    . precious and semiprecious stones
    . precious metals
    . minerals
    . cars
    . art

 Network Intelligence Technology Group

  • Position: President & C.E.O (2008 Present)

  • Technologies Management and Development

  • Projects:
    . energy systems
    . water purification
    . waste management
    . waste to energy systems
    . integrated security systems
    . non-lethal technologies


Media Network Intelligence

  • Position: Co-founder, President & C.E.O.(1994 till today)

  • International showbusiness activity: Joint-Venture with Tribute Productions and in October 1991 produce for $4,5 mill “Guitar legend’s” in Seville, Spain by Expo 1992.It was sold to 500 mill audience in 40 countres. Before Tribute Production produced: 1988 (Wembley, London) – Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute, 1990 (Wembley, London) Nelson Mandela an International Tribute for a Free South Africa, 1990 The Wall Life from Berlin.

  • Other activity: services (tourism), show business (international televised music productions), media (newspapers, online broadcasting)


Helping Hand Coalition

  • Position: Executive General Director (2006 till today)

  • Non-Profit Organization

  • Supporting humanitarian projects and its primary support orientation concerns:
    . holocaust survivors
    . the hungry
    . low-incomes families
    . victims of religion or racial oppression


PAZ Oil Company (Israel)

  • Position: Investor and major co-owner of 50% of the company (1991-93)

  • Value: today worth $1.2 bill, trading of $2.5 bill per year third largest private Israeli company,

  • Corporate history: PAZ Oil Company founded in 1922 as Shell Company of Palestine

  • Activity in Israel: today the largest Israel's supplier of refined petroleum products, controlling 55% of energy in Israel, holding 251 fuel stations, involved in export an import of petroleum products, fuel storage and national wide distribution, crude oil reprocessing, oil exploration, coal import, pharmaceutics production, road constructions, counter trade, processing deals, alternative energy development and distribution (solar systems).

  • PAZ Oil Company principal subsidiaries: Paz Investment & Development Ltd., Paz Oil, Exploration Ltd., Aviation Services Ltd., Pazgaz Marketing Co. Ltd., United Petroleum Export Co. Ltd., Pedesco Ltd., Shaal Co. Ltd., Coal United Ltd.,  Haifa  Basic Oils (Shevah) Ltd.,  PAZ Industries (Lubricatns) Ltd., Oilfabriek Fol Jr & Co.B.V., Pazkar Ltd. , Trigon Engineering Equipment Ltd. , Pazchem Ltd., Pazvit Ltd., P.M.Metal Works & Containers Ltd., Tanker Services Ltd,  Pi-Glioth Pertoleum, Terminals & Pipeline Ltd., Oil Exploration of Paz).

  • Holding activity: investment public companies, trading in energy products, production and sale of refining and production of basic oils and refined wax, blending of lubricants oils, production (containers, greases, aliphatic solvents, chemicals for agriculture and home applications), re-refining of used lube oils, marine transportation of crude oil, storage for petroleum products, oil exploration activities.

SAHAR P.L.C. (Israel).

  • Position: Investor and major co-owner (through PAZ P.L.C.) of 50% of SAHAR (1991-93)

  • Activity in Israel: insurance, investment, largest real estate company in Israel

  • Value: equity of over $200 mill.


Art-B Group

  • Position: Investor and major co-owner, Vice-President & C.O.O. (1989-1991)

  • Structure: international holding providing the primary infrastructure for the clearance, settlement and custody of the vast majority of all equity, corporate debt and  bond transactions

  • Value: processed transactions valued at $22.5 billion (1989-1991)

  • Holding: 391 subsidiaries and affiliates in Poland, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Czech, Egypt, France, Germany, Korea, Ireland, Holland, India, Israel, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA.

  • International activity: financial (banks, financial trusts, insurance, brokerage houses), agriculture (land administration, food production), security (integrated security systems), communications (satellite telecommunication, speed data transmission), consulting (business, financial, legal), constructions (small housing  production, national complex project management),  industrial ensemble lines (cars (Chrysler), tractors (MF),  electronics (Goldstar, Samsung), computers (IBM), media (newspapers, printing houses, broadcasting stations), mining (barite, diamonds, marble), manufacturing (industrial and agricultural production, medical equipment), R&D  (ecology bio-technologies, hi-tech, medicine, communication), services (executive airlines, tourism), show business  (TV studio, Sound Studio, art galleries,  production companies, trading (hi-tech, electronics, heavy industry, food products, minerals, textiles, energy), and many others.